1. Invest in a meat thermometer.

Your Turkey will not be dry or uncooked if using a thermometer. Take it to 165F with the probe in the innermost part of the thigh. Get this right ( and many don’t) then I believe you deserve to buy yourself a new pair of shoes ( online shopping is perfect for Thanksgiving!)

2. Add some veggies

Place the turkey on some cut onions, carrots and celery. Not only will this add a glorious flavour to your gravy it also allows the air to circulate. Now check your make up, earrings and hair – all good? Excellent – let’s move on to point 3

3. Keeping it moist

Create a gap above the turkey with the foil, creating its own little oven.

Spread butter over the skin and under the skin ( you can also add a few slices of lemon n some herbs if you like for flavour)

Add strips of bacon over the breast.

once you have done that, how about a little aperitif? Go on – I think you deserve it!

4. Blast then keep it low

Put the turkey in a hot oven for the first 40 minutes (at 425F) then lower the temp for to 325f .  Now, do we need a new handbag per chance?!

5. Crispy golden skin

When the temperature reaches 145F take off the foil and move the bacon to the side. This will allow the skin to crisp to perfection. Check your skin is glowing and touch up on the make up if necessary!

6. Rest

Allow the turkey to rest for about 30 minutes before carving. Your time in the kitchen is nearly over – I think it’s time to crack open a bottle of bubbles

Above all, relax and enjoy and find delicious little ways to treat yourself throughout the day