Diva Wine Tips


Leftover Wine: Doesn’t happen very often in my house but occasionally miracles do happen. Don’t pour the left overs away. Here are some great ideas to re-utilize leftover wine!

Diva tips for left over wine after a wild and crazy dinner party!

Delicious gravies – White wine, place the wine into ice cube trays and freeze. Then add an ice cube or two to gravies and sauces as and when you like to create a delicious flavor.

Red Wine Vinegar – Red wine – pour into a demi-john with a spigot – and keep adding any left over wines, irrelevant what type it is, over the rest of the year and beyond The wine will turn into vinegar within a couple of weeks and you will have a continual supply of red wine vinegar for future gourmet dishes

Wine Syrup – If you ‘ve got a number of ‘dregs’ in a number of different bottles, add them all together and pour into a pan. Add sugar that would equal 3 cups wine to 1 cup sugar, bring to a boil then simmer until wine become a deliciously syrupy concoction. Bottle and keep in the fridge. Use over fresh fruit or pancakes. Toss through roasted vegetables Add to salad dressings

Wine Jelly

Approx. half a bottle of wine (mix ’em up if you like)

1oz dry pectin

2 cups of sugar

squeeze of lemon juice

flavours – feel free to throw a bit of grated ginger, or a hint of chili or whatever takes your fancy.

Bring the wine, pectin and lemon juice up to a boil, add the sugar and flavor, boil for a couple of minutes and then cool.

Wine jelly is fab when served with cheese and also when placed in a nice jar can make a wonderful Diva’s gift (and it is Christmas very soon!)

Mulled wine

Assuming the wine hasn’t been left open for days and fully oxidized, pour the wine into a pan add the following spices.(the following are the equivalent for  bottle of left over wine) Bring to a boil and simmer. Serve warm – preferably wearing an ugly Christmas jumper, around a piano singing ( and send me a photo!)

1 orange, sliced

1/4 cup brandy (optional)

1/4 cup honey or sugar

8 whole cloves

2 cinnamon sticks

2 star anise

You can add a little apple juice too if you like..