Champagne Truffle Balls!


It’s the season for divas to crack open a bottle of bubble and whip up some delicious morsels- what is better than using a small amount of champers in the recipe and drinking the rest?!!

-Champagne Ganache-


100gm milk chocolate

70 gm cream

3 tbsp champagne


100gms dark chocolate

Icing sugar

Making the ganache

Bring the cream and champagne up to a gentle boil. Take off heat as soon as the cream starts to bubble. Stir in the chocolate until all has melted. Place in fridge to cool.

Once it is cool and mouldable, create small balls with the ganache and place back in fridge to keep firm.

Melt the dark chocolate over a double boiler. Dieve some icing sugar onto grease proof paper. Drop a champagne ball into the melted chocolate, and using a fork, lift it out, tapping all the extra chocolate off and place on the grease proof paper. Repeat with all the balls. Using a sieve, sprinkle icing sugar over balls while the chocolate is still wet.